10 Common Diseases - How To Treat And Even Prevent With Alkaline Water!

This is going to seem silly but I recently discovered that using a drinking water filter system is the smartest, most convenient and cheapest step it is possible to take to ensure the well-being of you and your family.

All of my life water continues to be my drink of choice. And believe me, I Have had to bear a lot of ridicule and outright intolerance from individuals who believed I selected water just to be hard. (It drove my mother-in-law MAD!) I can not help it. I adore the taste of water. But it wasn't until recently that using a drinking water filter system became important to me. The multitude of dangers of drinking water AND health benefits have become serious considerations although I'm still moved by my taste buds.

Drinking water didn't always carry the danger that it does now. By nature, water has its water filter system that is supposed to supply us with all the purity, minerals and nutrients which are essential to maintain healthy human life. Sadly, with the growth of industrialized societies, man made chemical pollutants have grown to be a scourge on our water, together with, our food and atmosphere.
Fortunately, over the last couple of decades, we have become more environmentally savvy. This awareness also contains the recognition that our local municipal water systems, which we've relied upon to provide us with safe, potable water, are in potentially serious "hot water." (Excuse the pun.)

Our local city water systems found that adding chlorine and other substances did an acceptable job as a water filter system. But using chlorine has proven to be "over-kill" because it strips out the GOOD along with the bad. As a result, Vitamin E and other significant fatty acids become victim to the purifying properties of chlorine.

And speaking of Ph Test Strips Color Chart you're likely knowledgeable about that dry skin feeling after showering or bathing. Chlorine in your water strips your natural oils, which make you feel comfortable in your own skin and protect you from premature aging.

Red flags should also go up when I tell you that chlorine reacts in an extremely negative way when it comes in contact with your house plumbing system. Chlorine causes the heavy metals, such as for instance lead and copper that are in most (98% according to the EPA) family pipes, to leach into the water.

So now that you know all this, what is the following step? Well, you could continue to do research into the current state of your municipal water filter system...or you could turn your research toward finding your own drinking water filter solution.

In this case, you would put on your "good consumer" hat and look into finding the best drinking water filter system for you and your family. Only keep in mind which you're seeking a water filter system that removes chlorine, disagreeable taste and odors, heavy metals like lead, and VOCs (volatile organic chemicals).

For the convenience and personal taste, you'll discover counter top drinking water filter systems or under the counter water filter systems. These are great due to the portable nature of the appliance. The system goes with you if you decide to transfer.
And there are several added bonuses into a finding good drinking water filter system. They are inexpensive, convenient to install and easy maintain. And the more reputable dealers are excellent with supplying technical support.

Great drinking water filter systems also allow naturally occurring, beneficial minerals to remain and enhance your well-being...the way nature meant. Needless to say, my favorite bonus about a drinking water filter system is that it supplies water to me that tastes AMAZING!